Cameron Asks, Do Memes Beat Sweats?

A cactus doing a chicken dance? It must be Fortnite

Over at the Cameron McLuckie YouTube channel at (good luck remembering that url folks) we had an idea. Put the claim made by Lazarbeam that “memes beat sweats” to the test. Watch Cameron launch into this game of squads in Fortnite hoping the cactus skin keeps me somewhat camouflaged from the rest of the lobby, one of Lazarbeams best memes may I add. I somewhat move away from that plan and eventually end up doing the chicken emote whilst walking down a busy street in Tilted Towers.

So in this case memes did not beat sweats, memes got killed by the sweats, however as I moved away from the plan it’s likely not a really good proof either way. Regardless I however I hope you have a laugh at the video.

Look out for more videos where I try and steal the ideas of other more popular YouTube streamers, hey, it’s not about being original, it’s about having fun, and I’m sure my whole 2 YouTube subscribers (hello mum and dad) really don’t mind either way. Here’s looking to get to a whopping 3 subscribers over on YouTube very soon.

Still looking for that first win of season 9, fingers crossed it will come soon for me.

All the best – Cameron