Cameron McLuckie, A very busy day today

Most of the day was spent in Glasgow City Centre which, not too common for Glasgow, was baking in the mid-May sweltering temperatures. ANyone who knows will will tell you that Cameron McLuckie is not a big fan of the weather when it gets too hot. When this happens in Glasgow the majority of the city centre heads to George Square to bake in what must be the only and smallest patch of grass in the city. You can watch me stroll through the square in glorious ‘potato vision’ below. I must apologise for the distinct lack of quality of this video, I have no idea if it was my phone, or the fact I was streaming it to my channel at that caused this, it may even have been the heat, anyway the video is below. Please also excuse my unsteady hands, I realise I will never be a professional at this, and using my cheap imported phone for this is not likely to help, but be nice.

George Square, Glasgow, 15 May 2019.

After this wander it was back home to continue on my one man called “Cameron McLuckie” quest to achieve the Fortnite Season 9 Victory Umbrella. Not to spoil the next video I am going to post but the umbrella is still not in my possession but fun was had in the 3 games that ensued, however I got nowhere near the victory in either game. Enjoy the video below.

Back to my quest in Fortnite as the sun split the trees outside

Most of the videos I make are initially created over on SImply head there and search for me “Cameron McLuckie” Thanks all for reading, more updates likely tomorrow – Cameron.