Cameron Asks, Do Memes Beat Sweats?

Over at the Cameron McLuckie YouTube channel at (good luck remembering that url folks) we had an idea. Put the claim made by Lazarbeam that “memes beat sweats” to the test. Watch Cameron launch into this game of squads in Fortnite hoping the cactus skin keeps me somewhat camouflaged from the rest of the […]

Fortnite: Contrail Slipstream Glitch?

OK perhaps not the ground shattering glitches that have been previously discovered in Fortnite, however when jumping off the battle bus towards Tilted Towers I decided not to land but to go straight into the slipstream. The video above is the result. I’m hoping Epic don’t fix this one, I actually quite like it. Thanks […]

Cameron, going for the season 9 victory umbrella

OK, anyone who plays Fortnite knows that each season Epic release a new victory umbrella each season. Not being the most experienced gamer out there I often struggle to get victories in the game, however I will start to document via video my success, or failure, to complete the challenge this season. First video up […]

Cameron plays Fortnite season 9

Well a futuristic Fortnite Season 9 hit my download queue this morning, so that meant it was time for a live stream over on my YouTube channel – now there’s a URL that does not roll off the tongue (yeah thanks YouTube). Like and subscribe. I’m still looking to get the victory umbrella so […]