Cameron’s Back!

It has been a month since my last update, and a lot has happened. Fortnite have release their “Horde Rush” LTM, and I have this season’s victory umbrella. Unfortunately I have been playing on the Nintendo Switch the past month, this is why there has not been any updates, please Nintendo, get the streaming side of the Switch sorted (if anyone knows how to do this I am happy to listen to your ideas).

My first victory this season came as a result of doing absolutely nothing during the game. Genuinely, nothing. I got into the lobby with a few friends, but my dinner was ready so the battle bus launched with me, Cameron McLuckie, onboard, but nobody at the controls. When I returned to my screen my friends had done a great job, got the victory, and I’m not the proud owner of this season’s victory umbrella.

I WAS CARRIED. There I admit it.

I have since made up for it though with another victory in squads with my friends so it is all good.

Anyway my latest video is below, it is Fortnite Horde Rush mode, and hopefully it won’t be as long to my next update.

It’s not Wick’s Bounty, it’s Horde Rush!