Cameron’s Back!

It has been a month since my last update, and a lot has happened. Fortnite have release their “Horde Rush” LTM, and I have this season’s victory umbrella. Unfortunately I have been playing on the Nintendo Switch the past month, this is why there has not been any updates, please Nintendo, get the streaming side […]

Cameron McLuckie, A very busy day today

Most of the day was spent in Glasgow City Centre which, not too common for Glasgow, was baking in the mid-May sweltering temperatures. ANyone who knows will will tell you that Cameron McLuckie is not a big fan of the weather when it gets too hot. When this happens in Glasgow the majority of the […]

Fortnite, adios Season 8

Well Fortnite Season 8, you’ve been a blast, not too sure I’m happy with the destruction of Retail Row or Tilted Towers but time will tell what you are up to Epic games. I’m signing out of this season with a 240m headshot with a bow and arrow. Here’s hoping to a great Season 9, […]

Cameron McLuckie, PHP / MySQL Information

I’m a web developer based in the UK. I often find myself looking up the same php / MySQL code all the time in Google, so instead I have created this simple webpage to store all the snippets that I use on a regular basis for quick reference. PHP Arrays One of the fundamental pieces […]